Remove unwanted HTML attributes with PowerShell and regular expressions

Sep. 8th | Posted by 0 comments

I’m currently working on a migration project to migrate content from an old to a new website. Some of the content of the older site contains HTML markup. It’s ok for the HTML to be formatted with paragraphs and headers, but in some cases it also contains inline styling and class names which are not […]

Files stored in the cloud can still be vulnerable for malware or viruses

Apr. 19th | Posted by 0 comments

Many people believe that their files, stored in the cloud, are safe for viruses. Even when your files are stored in the cloud, in this case Office 365, they can still be vulnerable for viruses. It’s always important to protect your computer for any possible malware or virus attack. One of our customers is currently […]

A litle gem: Blumind mindmapping software

Jul. 17th | Posted by 0 comments

I sometimes like to create mindmaps and I just found Blumind, a freeware tool to create them. The app looks clean, simple, works very nice and it just does what it needs to do.

KLM I Fly Magazine published my Mandalay Bay Resort photo.

Mar. 20th | Posted by 0 comments

During the 2012 SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, I made photo’s of the city. KLM IFly Magazine published my Mandalay Bay Resort photo in the #27 magazine HIGH. The photo is shown in the wedding location special.


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