Files stored in the cloud can still be vulnerable for malware or viruses

Apr. 19th | Posted by 0 comments

Many people believe that their files, stored in the cloud, are safe for viruses. Even when your files are stored in the cloud, in this case Office 365, they can still be vulnerable for viruses. It’s always important to protect your computer for any possible malware or virus attack. One of our customers is currently […]

How to open an Office 2007 document inside an Internet Explorer 7 window?

Sep. 24th | Posted by 0 comments

Trying to build a document preview window in Sharepoint, I noticed that it is no longer possible to stream a Word document inside a browser window. This problem occurs when you use Office 2007 in combination with Internet Explorer 7 and is behavior by design. Microsoft decided on this behavior to increase overall security and […]


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