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How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard

It’s already 5 years ago that I joined Mavention. I’m proud to have worked together with great colleagues for some great customers and projects. Starting in the role as SharePoint consultant, I’ve had the opportunity to become a project manager,… Continue Reading →

How to serve a downloadable file from a MVC controller in Sitecore

In our Sitecore project we had an application error being logged, every time when we served a download to our end users. We used the generally known HttpContext.Response approach, to stream the binary output of the file to the user…. Continue Reading →

Improve code quality, getting started with SonarQube

I’m currently member of a scrum team in which we are working with SonarQube to manage our code quality. I was hesitant and skeptical at first, but since I started to see the benefits of it, I’m becoming more and… Continue Reading →

Ask programmers to review 10 lines of code, they’ll find 10 issues. Ask them to do 500 lines and they’ll say it looks good

By Gitcolony

Move items in the Sitecore tree by using a package

In one of our projects, the location of a few Sitecore items had to be moved to a completely different subtree. With a simple drag and drop the entire tree was moved in our development project, but how do we… Continue Reading →

Workaround for Sitecore Media Library Browser No items found

Sitecore introduced new speak dialogs in the interface with version 7.1. These new dialogs use search for browsing the assets in the Media Library. Since this release, there is a known bug, which sets the full image url as ‘Media… Continue Reading →

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