Now what is this blog all about? For a lot of people it is difficult to understand what BizTalk is because they will never notice it. BizTalk is not a normal Desktop application like Word or Excel. It does its work almost completely in the background.

BizTalk Server 2006 logo

BizTalk provides ways to make separate systems communicate with each other, without them knowing of each other’s existence. In the dynamic business world of today you often want to have a fast way to connect your systems with each other to exchange information through the company in a manageable way. Yes we are talking about Enterprise integration, which is a complex problem, even with a great and flexible product like BizTalk Server 2006.

Microsoft BizTalk Server solves this problem by creating an abstraction layer on which you connect each system. Inside this layer you can orchestrate multiple process flows and interaction between the systems. This can be inside your own company but also with your vendors or customers. As a result you can now easily change business rules and business processes, saving time, saving money. Thanks to the business activity monitoring (BAM) it is easy to keep track of the critical business operations, allowing you to jump into action on time.

With the help of normal tools like Microsoft Visio, Analysts and programmers can create a clear view of the business processes and implement them in the IT-structure. BizTalk Server uses mainly XML messaging which enables it to talk with an almost unlimited number of applications, devices, services, and many more possible objects written in a variety of programming languages.