In one of my projects there is an issue with the colleagues web part. For one of our Dutch customers we are using the Dutch language pack. In combination with the out of the box colleagues web part, the rendering of the Add and Remove colleague links go wrong.

String resource bug in the colleagues web part

Google does not return any meaningful result for this issue. The language resource file: c:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server shows the text as:

<div class=”code”>
<data name=”QuickLinks_AddColleague_pagetitle”>
 <value>Collega’s toevoegen</value>

I thought the ‘ character should be encoded as ' inside a XML file… ???? But any alterations in these files do not reflect back to the current SharePoint environment.

To me it seems that there is an error in the code to render the url. The & character is encoded while it shouldn’t be, also the title of the web part is encoded correctly:

Correct title VS wrong url:
Collega&#39;s VS Collega&amp;#39;s

Does anyone know if this is a known SharePoint bug and if there is a way to fix it?