Audience compilation via the command lineLast month I had to work a lot with audiences and of course my development environment had an annoying malfunction. The manage audience page (/_layouts/Audience_Main.aspx) contains a nice compilation link, but it didn’t work.

The only other option on the page is to schedule the compilation, but it can only be scheduled to run once a day. Not very useful during development.

After some digging I found the command line application to control the audience job and luckily it wasn’t very complicated to use. Just run the application to get some more information:

c:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Servers12.0Bin>audiencejob.exe
AudienceJob.exe [Crawl Type] [Audience Name]
Application Id: Guid corresponding to Search application
Command: 1 = Start, 0 = Stop
Crawl Type: 1 = Full, 0 = Incremental (default = 1)
Audience Name: Specific audience to compile (default = all)

Application Id for SharedServicesProvider1: 23ec9668-ea04-4842-b9ba-8e39cfaeaa3d

The best of it is that the application provides you the GUIDs of available Shared Service providers.

To start a new compilation from scratch for all the audiences, run the command with the given GUID and the two other parameters:

c:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Servers12.0Bin>audiencejob.exe 23ec9668-ea04-4842-b9ba-8e39cfaeaa3d 1 1