Edwin a passionate Consultant with a broad technical background. During the last few years, his focus was mainly on corporate Intranet development. Edwin is a reliable team player who you can depend on. He takes the initiative and voices his opinion when he feels that there is room for improvement. In addition to his role as developer, he provides clients with functional advice and is capable of managing a team. Edwin values honesty and has an eye for quality.

I started programming as hobby a when I was 12 in GWBasic and QBasic. Later on I became Visual Basic developer and temporarily I also worked as Linux and PHP consultant. Since 2005 I’m completely back at the Microsoft platform.

The reason that I started this blog is to create a place for myself to keep track of my personal information and progress. It is also is a way for me to get deeper into the topics as I take time to write things down. One of the other things I hope to accomplish with this blog is to make it an useful resource for other people that have interest in .NET, Sharepoint, Sitecore and Project management.

Macaw challenge accepted
I work at Macaw where we create innovative solutions using Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Sitecore.

We love challenges. That is our motto.
Since the early nineties over 250 employees have been creating high-end technical solutions for our customers from our offices in The Netherlands and Lithuania. Since then we have evolved into a full service digital partner. We only work with the best people and top notch technology. We’re proud to be an award winning, multiple Gold Microsoft Partner and Platinum Sitecore Partner.

Whatever the challenge, we create the best solution. We think out of the box and combine multiple perspectives, such as strategy, data, marketing and sales. And we don’t just implement this technology. We make sure it is adopted by your organization, because we are convinced that only then it contributes to your success.

What’s your challenge?

Macaw. Challenge accepted.

Feel free to post feedback on my messages or contact me if you have any more questions. For more information about me you can view my LinkedIn profile.