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A litle gem: Blumind mindmapping software

I sometimes like to create mindmaps and I just found Blumind, a freeware tool to create them. The app looks clean, simple, works very nice and it just does what it needs to do. http://blumind.org

KLM I Fly Magazine published my Mandalay Bay Resort photo.

During the 2012 SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, I made photo’s of the city. KLM IFly Magazine published my Mandalay Bay Resort photo in the #27 magazine HIGH. The photo is shown in the wedding location special.

Create a lookup site column to a library located in a sub web with Powershell

This post is about creating a lookup column in the root site collection to a library in one of the sub sites. Many blogs on the internet describe how to do this without code, but they describe the other way… Continue Reading →

“Luck is not a factor, hope is not a strategy & fear is not an option.”

By James Cameron

SharePoint Ribbon customization, cui.js Invalid argument

Sometimes you’re running into a very time consuming bug, which has a very simple, but hard to find solution. During the tests of an updated product, the SharePoint ribbon was throwing the totally clueless JavaScript error “Invalid argument” in the… Continue Reading →

Organizing a kick-off

Before you organize a kick-off meeting, it’s important to collect the right information. I found 2 articles, written by Mike Sisco in 2002, which provide a good step by step guide to prepare for and to conduct a kick-off. Part… Continue Reading →

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