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After a long time I finally decided to join the twitter hype. Or perhaps isn’t it a hype anymore? Regularly I found myself searching for a way to share or track small information. The problem is that it’s often too… Continue Reading →

Find out which process is locking a DLL without extra tools

Today I got the “The process cannot access the file … because it is being used by another process” error again, during a development build. And as long as the DLL is locked, it’s not possible to do a successful… Continue Reading →

Once upon a time I was tagged for the blogging Meme

A long time ago, on April 11, I was tagged for the blogging Meme by my colleague Mirjam. The blogging Meme is a concept that let’s bloggers share some random facts about themselves. These are the ‘Meme rules’: Each player… Continue Reading →

Symbaloo: a personal desktop on the web

This is just a post about something that I would like to share. Today I came across a new start page initiative. It’s called Symbaloo and it’s available in multiple countries. The site is still in beta, but it’s really… Continue Reading →

How to open an Office 2007 document inside an Internet Explorer 7 window?

Trying to build a document preview window in Sharepoint, I noticed that it is no longer possible to stream a Word document inside a browser window. This problem occurs when you use Office 2007 in combination with Internet Explorer 7… Continue Reading →

More Sharepoint; a new job

I started my new Job this week. I’ve decided to leave Ordina and to join the Sharepoint development team at Macaw. It was not an easy decision because I have made quite a few friends at Ordina. However, the opportunity… Continue Reading →

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