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SharePoint federated search may cause performance problems because of default settings

My colleague Vincent Boer has been working very hard at one of our clients to sort out a performance problem at their SharePoint Intranet portal. The problem was that after a search in the search center was performed, the browser… Continue Reading →

ContentQuery Web Part xsl script to view all available values

I’m often using the following xsl template script to check the available values and items which are available for the Content Query Web Part. This script can be added to the itemstyle.xsl for use. I’m always copying it from older… Continue Reading →

SharePoint SP2 activates 180 day trial countdown

The Microsoft SharePoint Team announced that the SharePoint SP2 service pack by mistake activates a 180-day countdown. “During the installation of SP2, a product expiration date is improperly activated. This means SharePoint will expire as though it was a trial… Continue Reading →

Enable item scheduling by code

I’m developing a site template, which requires item scheduling on the page library. I don’t want our users to enable the item scheduling manually at the “_layouts/ ManageItemScheduling.aspx” page. Unfortunately I was not able to find any online documentation about… Continue Reading →

Audience compilation via the command line

Last month I had to work a lot with audiences and of course my development environment had an annoying malfunction. The manage audience page (/_layouts/Audience_Main.aspx) contains a nice compilation link, but it didn’t work. The only other option on the… Continue Reading →

Connect the RSS web part with a SharePoint list or other advanced feed

I wrote this blog to give a possible workaround for RSS Web Part problems with certain feeds. Did you ever try to connect a list feed to a SharePoint RSS feed web part? Well, I did, and it doesn’t work…. Continue Reading →

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