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How to serve a downloadable file from a MVC controller in Sitecore

In our Sitecore project we had an application error being logged, every time when we served a download to our end users. We used the generally known HttpContext.Response approach, to stream the binary output of the file to the user…. Continue Reading →

Move items in the Sitecore tree by using a package

In one of our projects, the location of a few Sitecore items had to be moved to a completely different subtree. With a simple drag and drop the entire tree was moved in our development project, but how do we… Continue Reading →

Workaround for Sitecore Media Library Browser No items found

Sitecore introduced new speak dialogs in the interface with version 7.1. These new dialogs use search for browsing the assets in the Media Library. Since this release, there is a known bug, which sets the full image url as ‘Media… Continue Reading →

Removing Hyper-V checkpoints will retain the current running state

The online information about the result of removing Hyper-V checkpoints is a little bit vaguely. I had only 10GB available on my SDD drive and was in desperate need of increasing the available storage. In the past I had created… Continue Reading →

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