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Improve code quality, getting started with SonarQube

I’m currently member of a scrum team in which we are working with SonarQube to manage our code quality. I was hesitant and skeptical at first, but since I started to see the benefits of it, I’m becoming more and… Continue Reading →

Removing Hyper-V checkpoints will retain the current running state

The online information about the result of removing Hyper-V checkpoints is a little bit vaguely. I had only 10GB available on my SDD drive and was in desperate need of increasing the available storage. In the past I had created… Continue Reading →

A litle gem: Blumind mindmapping software

I sometimes like to create mindmaps and I just found Blumind, a freeware tool to create them. The app looks clean, simple, works very nice and it just does what it needs to do. http://blumind.org

Unleash extra power to SharePoint 2007 Workflows

I’m very enthusiastic about the Nintex Workflow product. With Nintex Workflow it is possible to build very advanced workflows. The downside of course, is that that Nintex is a 3rd party product and therefore it isn’t available in all my… Continue Reading →

Audience compilation via the command line

Last month I had to work a lot with audiences and of course my development environment had an annoying malfunction. The manage audience page (/_layouts/Audience_Main.aspx) contains a nice compilation link, but it didn’t work. The only other option on the… Continue Reading →

MigrateSPUsers: Sharepoint 2003 user account migration tool

At my current Sharepoint 2003 to 2007 migration project, we have to migrate Sharepoint 2003 users to a different domain server. On my world wide web search I bumped into an utility called “SPUserUtil” that was part of the “SharePoint… Continue Reading →

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