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Unleash extra power to SharePoint 2007 Workflows

I’m very enthusiastic about the Nintex Workflow product. With Nintex Workflow it is possible to build very advanced workflows. The downside of course, is that that Nintex is a 3rd party product and therefore it isn’t available in all my… Continue Reading →

SharePoint 2010 Mobile Web Part development

For a SharePoint 2010 demo i’m building a web part that should be accessible by Mobile devices. In SharePint 2010 all mobile devices are redirected by default to the mobile SharePoint rendering engine. The mobile rendering engine of SharePoint provides… Continue Reading →

Two custom development examples build for SharePoint 2007

SharePoint provides a lot of functionality out of the box, but of course there are always parts that have to be custom build. In this post I will show you 2 cool examples of what is possible with SharePoint when… Continue Reading →

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