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SharePoint SP2 activates 180 day trial countdown

The Microsoft SharePoint Team announced that the SharePoint SP2 service pack by mistake activates a 180-day countdown. “During the installation of SP2, a product expiration date is improperly activated. This means SharePoint will expire as though it was a trial… Continue Reading →

Enable item scheduling by code

I’m developing a site template, which requires item scheduling on the page library. I don’t want our users to enable the item scheduling manually at the “_layouts/ ManageItemScheduling.aspx” page. Unfortunately I was not able to find any online documentation about… Continue Reading →

How to open an Office 2007 document inside an Internet Explorer 7 window?

Trying to build a document preview window in Sharepoint, I noticed that it is no longer possible to stream a Word document inside a browser window. This problem occurs when you use Office 2007 in combination with Internet Explorer 7… Continue Reading →

Learn BizTalk with the free trial and tutorials

During the Microsoft Partner Academy BizTalk class I was working with Lesson 5 (BAM) of the online Microsoft BizTalk tutorials. Out of interest I started to follow the complete course from the beginning. The tutorials guide you through most BizTalk… Continue Reading →

Partner Academy BizTalk Class: Week two

Yesterday I finished Week two of the BizTalk Class, which was all about the setup, configuration and new features. Microsoft learned a lot from the difficult 2002 to 2004 migration process and invested a lot of time in making the… Continue Reading →

BIA meeting – 7 February

Last Wednesday the BIA group came together again. We welcomed a new member, David, to our team. David worked for years with Usoft and now he is joining our team because at his project they start a BizTalk trial in… Continue Reading →

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