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How to get a good visual presentation of the SharePoint 2010 Visio Web Access web part.

A great new feature of SharePoint 2010, is the online rendering of Visio forms. It allows you to visualize process status information and it also offers more advanced options for KPI visualization. However, the default display behavior of the Visio… Continue Reading →

SharePoint 2010 Mobile Web Part development

For a SharePoint 2010 demo i’m building a web part that should be accessible by Mobile devices. In SharePint 2010 all mobile devices are redirected by default to the mobile SharePoint rendering engine. The mobile rendering engine of SharePoint provides… Continue Reading →

SPUserPoll – SharePoint poll web part version 0.2 with charts released

Today I released version 0.2 of SPUserPoll at CodePlex which includes the brand new .NET 3.5 Chart control. This poll web part for SharePoint gives you the ability to present the poll results with a colorful bar, column, pie or… Continue Reading →

Connect the RSS web part with a SharePoint list or other advanced feed

I wrote this blog to give a possible workaround for RSS Web Part problems with certain feeds. Did you ever try to connect a list feed to a SharePoint RSS feed web part? Well, I did, and it doesn’t work…. Continue Reading →

SPUserPoll – A new SharePoint poll Web Part in town

Today I released my first CodePlex project: the 0.1 version of my poll Web Part. I decided to develop this Web Part to improve my SharePoint skills and to learn more about SharePoint deployment. The Web Part is called SPUserPoll… Continue Reading →

Connecting web parts: The easy way

Exactly one year ago (and wow I did not time this!) I posted a blog about “Connecting a web part with a standard SharePoint list”. For my current project I had to develop 2 web parts that could connect with… Continue Reading →

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